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    Odessa — a city on the north-western coast of the Black Sea, administrative centre of the Odessa region, the largest port of Ukraine, as well as a large industrial, cultural, scientific and tourism centre; a hub for motor way and railway roads.

    Population: 1 015 000 inhabitants

    Land area: 236,9 km²

    Main industries — machinery, metal-processing, consumer goods manufacturing, food, wood-processing, agricultural and chemical industry, oil refinery.

    Tramways, trolley buses, buses and route taxis sustain the transportation system of Odessa. Funicular, cable way, motor cruisers are also in operation.

    Odessa can be accessed through Odessa International Airport, Main Railway station, Central bus station, “Yuzhnaya” bus station. Passenger ships and ferry vessels are cruising between Odessa and Istanbul, Haifa, Varna.


    Yuzhny — a major town of Odessa region, situated in 5 km from the industrial park iPARK, in 30 km from Odessa.

    Population: 29 300 inhabitants

    Land area: 1,042 km²

    Main enterprises of Yuzhny are the the Odessa port plant (ОPP) — the largest chemical and the most profitable state enterprise of Ukraine and the commercial Seaport Yuzhny — one of the three largest state ports of Ukraine in addition to Odessa and Ilyichevsk.

    The largest and the longest in Eurasia pipeline for ammonia “Togliatti — Yuzhny” connects the town with chemical producing facilities in Russia.

    Yuzhny disposes of a bus station with different transportation routes within the region.


    Vizirka — a village, situated in the Kominternovsky district of the Odessa region, at the distance of 1km from the industrial park iPARK.

    Population: 1 175 inhabitants

    Land area: 2,840 km²

    A modern cottage settlement will be constructed within the Vizirka village which will accommodate employees of iPARK enterprises. The settlement will offer prepared sites for housing construction as well as ready-to-use cottages and will be equipped with all necessary communications: electricity, heat, gas, sewage, phone and internet.


An emergency medical response unit is located on the iPARK territory. The medical care in Yuzhny is performed by Yuzhnenskaya city hospital, the highest category hospital with Primary Health and Emergency Aid, including out-patient and in-patient departments.

Medical care in Vizirka village is provided by the medical assistance station.


Odessa is a large scientific and educational centre of the country. 18 state and 6 private universities, 32 post-secondary education institutions, several musical, sport and specialized high schools are based in the city.

More than 2,000 technical specialists graduate annually.