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About Odessa region

Odessa region is the largest region of Ukraine with the land area of more than 33 thousand km2. The number of inhabitants equals to about 2.4 mln. people.

Odessa region is one of the most perspective in Ukraine – being in a profitable geographic location, it possesses vast potential for development and solid labor resources.

Odessa region is the sea gate of the country, connecting Ukraine with 1,500 ports of the world. 5 of 10 international transport corridors pass through Odessa region territory: Cretan No.7, Cretan No.9, TRACECА (Europe-the Caucasus-Asia), «Baltic sea – Black sea» and «Black Sea Transport Circle».

Odessa region hosts more than 400 large and mid-sized industrial enterprises of machinery manufacturing, metallurgical production and metals processing, chemical, petrochemical, light, food and agricultural industries.

«Investment strategy of Odessa region for 2010 – 2015» has been introduced and is being implemented by the regional government.

Odessa region investment portal:


Investor’s guide
from KPMG

“The guide «Your business in Ukraine» provides a practical review of key aspects of the Ukrainian legal environment and regulations for doing business in Ukraine”.

«Your business
in Ukraine» .pdf, 1.767 Мб



The corporate income tax rate amounts to 19% in 2013 and will be reduced to 16% in 2014. Tax rate for individuals is 15-17%. Tax rate on dividend – 5%.

The light industry, shipbuilding and agricultural engineering industries will be exempt from the corporate income tax until 2021.

VAT rate amounts to 20%
and will be reduced to 17% in 2014.

The automatic VAT refund for exporters is being implemented.

Customs privileges

In accordance with the Agreement for free trade area, entered into force on September 20, 2012, free trade is carried out between: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

Furthermore, special customs regime with the full exemption from customs duties may be applied on iPARK territory for processing goods (under condition that final products are exported out from Ukraine within 90 days).


Connection to our private energy infrastructure and a favourable electricity tariff allow a significant cost-cutting.

Land prices

The rental prices for a land plot in iPARK start from 0.90 USD for 1 m² per month, the purchase prices - from 42 USD for 1 m².

How to invest

  1. 1 Step 1. Initialization
    1. - Indication of interest – 1 working day;
    2. - Site-visit, initial negotiations – 20 working days;
    3. - Definitions of the necessary land plot and premises - 10 working days;
    4. - LOI signing - 10 working days;
  2. 2 Step 2. Company establishment
    1. - Registration in the regional municipality - 5 working days;
    2. - Obtaining a doing business permit and delivery of company seal - 5 working days;
    3. - Registration with the tax authority - 3 working days;
    4. - Registration with the social insurance agency - 5 working days;
    5. - Opening of a bank account - 1 working day;
  3. 3 Step 3. Selection of land plot
  4. 4 Step 4. Purchase/land lease and construction
    1. - Signing the Land Purchase Agreement or the Leasing Contract for a land plot (up to 49 years). In both cases utility tariffs are additionally charged every month in accordance to the actual resources utilization: water, sewage, electricity, natural gas, telecommunications and internet;
    2. - Construction. We will help you to select a construction company and get all necessary permits;
    3. - iPARK additional services upon request: safety and medical assistance, catering and employees transportation, maintenance and repair, shipping and agency services, support in obtaining construction and operations permits.

Legal framework